I have 17 year experience in the field of constructing industry from planning to constructing, from estimation of real estates’ values to sale of real estates. The Homeland Ltd. deals with constructing of blocks of offices, firms, factory halls, building blocks, swimming pools, hotels, churches banks, investing and selling owner occupied blocks, estimating of real estates’ values. We let storehouses, factory halls, offices. Our customers’ satisfaction reflects the work of the company’s experienced experts and business partners. Our ready pieces of real estate serve as references for the would-be customers.


Our motto: excellent quality and reliability – at a reasonable price.


Thanks to this attitude our company was charged- among the others- with enlarging the Colping Family Spa’s swimming pool, kindergarten, with renovating Gizella-, Ulrich-, István-houses and renovating the indoor swimming pool and the wellness are of Club Dobogómajor Hotel. In Zalaegerszegen we constructed a call centre with 120 workplaces with the most up-to-date building engineering technology on the plot of a protected villa in its original form. Our company was charged with renovation of the Bárdi Autó Ltd.’s shop in Zalaegerszeg and in Nagykanizsa we constructed a new branch shop of Bárdi Autó, which has a country- wide network. We fulfilled an order by Sopron Bank in one and a half month which was to reconstruct the bank in Zalaegerszeg. An investment of our own was an owner occupied block consisting of 6 apartments between 38 and 73 m² area in Hévíz. We erected a new church in Zalaegerszegen for Besenyő district. Again in Zalaegerszegen we were able to finish the Wood Industrial Incubator Centre in three and a half months.


Zoltán Kónya
managing director